Industriepark 14a
56291 Wiebelsheim
tel.: +49 6766 961 630; faks: +49 6766 961 7854

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Wammes Machinery GmbH is a world leader in the production of round and rectangular ducting machines. Thanks to its 25 years of existence, during which the company continuously improved its quality standards and conquered countless markets, Wammes Machinery GmbH is today your best choice when it comes to launching a duct production factory.


Wammes Machinery’s product range includes :


- TF 1401 and TF 1600: our two Tubeformer models.

- ODIN: Out 8-in-1 ducting machine

- PDF3 Line: make the tightest integrated-flange ducts

- CEM 1250: out elbow-maker with the best quality-price ratio in the market

- PC 1500: a plasma cutter combining efficiency and reliability

… and many more!

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