VENTILATION FORUM is specifically oriented event devoted exclusively to the issues of ventilation and air-conditioning, addressed to all participants of the investment process.

Invited to take part in VENTILATION FORUM and AIR CONDITIONING SHOWROOM are ventilation systems designers, installers entrepreneurs, architects, investors, estate managers, power engineering auditors, representatives of authorities and institutions respected in the industry.


Two-day cycle of training courses, seminars and discussions was accompanied by the fair exhibition presenting technologies available on the Polish market.

Statistic 2019:

6500 Visitors from 19 countries:

Poland, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany,  Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Romania,  Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine.

33% installers entrepreneurs,

24% manufacturers and wholesalers,

27% ventilation system designers,

16% other specialist


182 Exhibitors
100% of exhibitors are satisfied with profile of visitors

85% of exhibitors established new business contact

80% of exhibitors are planning to take part in the fair in 2020

10 500 sqm Exhibition space

No of presentation during the seminars: more than 70
No of new product presented in Innovative Product Contest: 37

List of exhibitors


VENTILATION FORUM is arranged by the Polish Ventilation Association.

The Polish Ventilation Association is a group of professionals associated with the ventilation industry. It was founded at the end of 2001 by representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology and entrepreneurs dealing with manufacture, import and installation of ventilation systems for building industry.

The mission of the Association is to promote knowledge on modern and effective methods of ventilation for building industry as well as to increase the public awareness on the quality of the air in buildings through providing information on the consequences of invalid ventilation.

At the same time, the Association is involved in activities meant for improving the legal system regulating the use of ventilation, and thus the quality of the polish building industry. The Association acts also to fit the ventilation industry for operation after Poland's access to the European Community. The representative of Polish Ventilation Association is the member of the Technical Committee at the Polish Standardization Committee.

Our objective is to develop and promote initiatives, attitudes and activities encouraging development of ventilation industry. Services that we provide to our Clients are: expert advice, information on methods of ventilation of buildings, organising specialist trainings with regard to ventilation, seminars, own publications, market studies.

Information on the activities of Polish Ventilation Association is available at the Internet

Direct questions should be sent at